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rank name chain marketcap price +/- 24hr launch vote & watch
1 BSC $10.6B $60 50% In 3 days 5910 votes watch
2 BSC $10.6B $240 20% In 3 days 5724 votes watch
3 BSC $10.6B $300 50% In 3 days 5606 votes watch
4 BSC $10.6B $240 20% In 3 days 5426 votes watch
5 BSC $10.6B $60 33.333333333333% In 3 days 5137 votes watch
6 BSC $10.6B $240 50% In 3 days 5130 votes watch
7 BSC $10.6B $180 33.333333333333% In 3 days 5121 votes watch
8 BSC $10.6B $240 50% In 3 days 4693 votes watch
9 BSC $10.6B $120 33.333333333333% In 3 days 4668 votes watch
10 BSC $10.6B $60 25% In 3 days 4666 votes watch
{{index}} {{coin-network}} $10.6B $1000 20% {{coin-launchdate}} {{coin-votescount}} votes watch

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Next Moonshot Gems is an advertising, Promotion and voting platform where newly released coins are discovered, explored and ranked by voting for the next moonshot Cryptocurrencies. You can only discover the next crypto moonshot gems here on our amazing platform with top and new crypto projects.

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New Coins are crypto projects that is about to launch and has the potential to be the next moonshot gems, such coin has the potential to give you good profit, a cryptocurrency that will make you a millionaire and change your life.

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Did you ever wonder where people find the next moonshot cryptocurrency projects, they use, a Cryptocurrency platform where new coins and tokens are listed before CoinMarketCap, CoinGecko and other major exchanges.

Disclaimer : Always do your own research before investing (DYOR). Tokens and Coins listed on Does NOT mean we guarantee projects reliability.
Be careful while investing and always invest what you can afford to lose.

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Principle Of Operation

Every New Cryptocurrency projects can be listed by applying Here. Once applied they will validate it before it get approved. If it is accepted it will instantly become visible on the New Coin Page.
The Coin will also be visible in all section and anyone can see and vote for the project.
Ask your community to vote on your project because votes is very important to attract the interest of all our visitors and investors. The highest votes is No 1 on Our Website, the more votes you have, the more exposure it will it get to all our visitors and investors.
Note On voting: Unique votes only count once for All Time Best Section but your votes count every 24hrs on Today's Best Section.

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